Jack & Jim Gallery

Jack Daniel’s, Jim Marshall Photography LLC and Austin City Limits Live are celebrating the 8th anniversary of the “Jack + Jim” Gallery, the longest continuing exhibition of works from the archive of legendary photographer Jim Marshall. 2019 is a special year for Jim Marshall Photography LLC with the worldwide premiere of the feature length documentary, Show Me The Picture: The Story Of Jim Marshall at the SXSW Film Festival.

Virtual Gallery

Explore the work of Jim Marshall – virtually! Take a tour of the Jack & Jim Gallery’s online virtual space to see more of these iconic works and learn more about the stories behind the images.

Show Me The Picture: The Story Of Jim Marshall chronicles the infamous photographer’s diary of a life in music, capturing both the volatile man behind the lens and the seismic changes that defined the sixties. A child of immigrants, he battled inner demons and fought his way to become one of the most trusted mavericks; the man with five Leica Ms around his neck. A passion for music led him to capture some of the most iconic figures in music history, from the jazz and blues greats to Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and The Rolling Stones. His abrasive but honest approach to his subjects, combined with his incredible skill to build trust, expanded his portfolio beyond celebrities, documenting key moments in US history and a time of great turbulence.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey came into existence in 1866, less than thirty years after the birth of photography. It was a time of great inventions. From its inception, Jack Daniel’s has represented the best of American craftsmanship and taste, and continues to inspire artists of all forms.

Like Jack Daniel, Jim Marshall stands at the pinnacle of his field. Widely acknowledged as the godfather of music photography, Marshall’s 50-year career resulted in over 500 album covers, numerous magazine features and countless iconic images spanning blues, jazz, country, and the explosion of rock and roll. As a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News put it, “It’s almost as if Jim Marshall was on the shoulder of God when rock & roll was born.”

More information about Jim Marshall and the photographs displayed in this Jack + Jim Gallery exhibition, including availability for purchase of some photographs in the Limited Edition Series, can be found at www.jimmarshallphotographyllc.com. Limited edition estate images were not printed for sale or exhibition during Jim Marshall’s lifetime, and are being offered to collectors to expand the breadth of his photographic legacy.

See the legendary photos for yourself during any concert or during venue tours, Monday-Friday from 11am – Noon.